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Hands-on options

Hands-on options

These fun ideas require very little preparation, making it easy for you to share some simple but memorable lessons with your kids. Choose just one or two ideas that will appeal to your children.

A lesson inside an Oreo

Fun with food

Give each of your children an Oreo cookie to munch. Observe how the black crumbs (like sin) tenaciously stick to the white filling. Discussion point: God is holy and He cannot tolerate sin in His presence. View option

Fire power

Science with a twist

Let your children examine the flame from a candle (with close supervision) and talk about a time when God used fire to punish sin. Discussion point: God takes sin very seriously. View option

God fear and good fear

Any time, Drive time

Explain to your children the difference between fearing God (wow fear), fearing harm (wise fear) and unreasonable fear (boo fear). Discussion point: Fearing God means to have a deep respect and appreciation for Him. View option

Going on a God hunt

Physical activity

A God hunt is like a treasure hunt, only better! Let your kids search for Scripture clues around the house to more about who God is and where He lives. View option

He is lord of all

Physical activity

Read the following rhyme about animals and have your children make up actions to go along, then discuss all the incredible animals God created. View option

Just imagine

Any time, Drive time

Take turns listing Biblical miracles and wondrous displays of God's power. View option

Respecting God's holy name

Any time

Throw a party to honour your children’s favourite toy or stuffed animal. Discussion point: We show God honour by never using His name as a swear word. View option