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Hands-on options

Hands-on options

These fun ideas require very little preparation, making it easy for you to share some simple but memorable lessons with your kids. Choose just one or two ideas that will appeal to your children.

Be a star

Creative crafts

Do some star gazing, then make star-shaped photo frames for portraits of each family member. Discussion point: We “shine like stars” when we work without complaining. View option

Caring for creation

Creative crafts

Work with your children to craft animals out of recycled materials, or use old socks to make sock puppets. Discussion point: We need to take good care of all the things God created and entrusted to us. View option

Caring for orphans and widows

Serving others

Do your part to care for a widower in a practical way, or to help provision an orphanage. View option

Due diligence party


Spend a week charting your progress in doing chores and practicing skills, then celebrate with a “due diligence party.” View option

Edible garbage

Fun with food

Teach your kids to generate less food waste by making Landfill Layers or Recycled Soup – two recipes that are handy for using up leftovers. View option

Foolish Freddie, lazy Eddie game

Any time, Drive time

The Bible records some outlandish excuses lazy people might make to avoid work. Have fun making up your own outlandish excuses! View option


Drive time

Visit a construction site and observe the workers. Discussion point: Unlike lazy workers, diligent workers become skilled at their craft. View option

Library lessons

Any time, Drive time

Use your regular visits to your library to teach your children how to be responsible with their library books. Discussion point: One who is faithful in a very little is also faithful in much. View option

Outdoor responsibility test

Physical activity

Enjoy a visit to a park, the beach or a tobogganing hill. Discussion point: Behaving responsibly in shared public spaces, and being careful not to leave belongings behind. View option

Responsible animal owners

Drama / Role play, Serving others

Pretend you are farmers, or use your family pets to explore the command from Proverbs 12:10 to care for animals well. View option

The reality of responsibility


Educate your children about the proper use and care of their favourite items. Discussion point: Responsibility means taking care of our possessions. View option

The Servant's secret

Serving others

Do a “dirty job” with your kids and help them find joy in serving selflessly. View option

Wise waste management

Science with a twist

Choose from five different mini-lessons that emphasize being responsible consumers who care for the environment and for wildlife. View option