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Hands-on options

Hands-on options

In the busyness of day-to-day life, we often forget to look for opportunities to teach our children God-honouring character traits. These ideas require very little preparation, making it easy for you to share some simple but memorable lessons with your kids. Read over the options at the beginning of your week and choose one or two that will fit your schedule.

"Check for respect" game

Any time, Drive time

Run these scenarios by your kids and see if they can identify respectful and disrespectful responses. Have fun making up your own scenarios too. Goal: Practice respect. View option

Animal examples

Getting into nature

Learn how animals mark their territory with scent so other animals will avoid it, or risk a fight. Discussion point: Respecting others avoids fights and creates peace. View option

Boundary game

Drama / Role play, Physical activity

Practice these scenarios that help kids learn to respect another’s boundaries by obeying requests to stop tickling and hugging, and to give back a toy. Goal: Practice respect. View option

Build a respect habit

Serving others

Point out opportunities to serve others and encourage your kids to do so: carry groceries, help a neighbour, offer a chair etc. Goal: Learn how to show respect. View option

Egg toss

Physical activity

Play a game of egg toss. Discussion point: People’s feelings can be fragile, like an egg; treat others kindly and considerately, showing respect for their feelings. View option

Mealtime manners

Fun with food

Pretend the Queen is coming to dinner! You’ll need to practice this list of mealtime manners. Goal: Learning basic manners. View option

Mouldy attitudes

Science with a twist

Grow mould on a slice of bread to illustrate how disrespect “spoils” relationships. Discussion point: Self-centredness precedes disrespect. View option

Preserving nature

Science with a twist

Go for a walk among wildflowers, but don’t pick any. Then research an animal on the potential extinction list, and how to preserve their environment. Discussion point: We respect God’s creation. View option

Respect detectives

Any time, Drive time

While driving or walking through your neighbourhood, look for signs that show disrespect for the community. Discussion point: We need to respect and care for our community. View option

Respecting your community

Serving others

Make a point of picking up garbage when out on a walk. Discussion point: Discuss other ways you can show respect for your neighbourhood. View option

We are works of art

Creative crafts

Stop by an art gallery and observe different creative styles, then create your own work of art. Discussion point: We treat all God’s “works of art” (people) with respect. View option