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Hands-on options

Hands-on options

Frequent revision is essential to the learning process. These easy-to-implement options will help you reinforce the importance of perseverance at opportune moments throughout the week.

Body parts working all day, every day

Science with a twist

Read a children’s book about human physiology. Discussion point: We are all part of the body of Christ; God gave each of us different skills and abilities. View option

Choosing a focal point

Physical activity

Observe how “focused” a gymnast appears during their balance beam routine. Try walking on your own balance beam. Discussion point: Let’s fix our focus on God, and on pleasing Him. View option

Perseverance walk

Physical activity

Go on a long walk that symbolizes the Christian life, and take along some special equipment to learn the importance of prayer, the Holy Spirit, Jesus, the Bible and fellowship. View option

Persevering in practice

Physical activity

Attend a practice session or rehearsal by professionals in the field of sports, dance or music. Discussion point: Learning valuable skills requires perseverance. View option

Persevering in tough circumstances

Serving others

Choose a challenging task and work on it as a family – perhaps you can help another family out. Discussion point: Emphasize the satisfaction and reward of a job well done. View option

Preparing for a challenge

Physical activity

Pick a family-oriented event in your community, such as a family fun run, and train for the event together. Goal: Practice perseverance. View option

Satisfaction in perseverance

Any time

Read or tell a long adventure story, but stop before the climax, feigning tiredness. When your kids beg for more, tell the conclusion. Discussion point: Perseverance brings satisfaction. View option

Visit a farm!

Serving others

Observe a farmer at work, and help out if possible – pick rocks or pull weeds. At home, rake leaves or shovel a neighbour’s sidewalk. Goal: Practice perseverance. View option

Warriors for God's kingdom

Physical activity

David’s warriors practiced until they were ambidextrous (1 Chronicles 12:1-2). Learn a skill with your non-dominant hand, or an ambidextrous routine set to music. Goal: Practice perseverance. View option

Winning over weeds

Getting into nature

Weed the garden together. Discussion point: Weeds come up again and again, just as some sins do. We need to persevere in prayer for victory over temptation. View option