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Hands-on options

Hands-on options

These ideas require very little preparation, making it easy for you to share some simple but memorable lessons with your children. Read over the options at the beginning of your week and choose one or two that will fit your schedule.

Celebrate the joy of Christmas

Creative crafts, Drama / Role play, Drive time, Fun with food, Serving others

Check out a number of ideas for celebrating Christmas and the joy of Christ’s birth at any time of year. Discussion point: Jesus’ birth was God’s gift to bring joy to all people. View option

Find God’s promises in a pot of gold

Physical activity

Make a rainbow with a garden hose, and find a pretend “pot of gold.” Discussion point: God’s word is more valuable than a pot of gold. View option

Finding joy in nature

Getting into nature

Get outside and enjoy a summer storm, analyzing snowflakes, viewing a sunrise/sunset, going for a quiet walk or observing a caterpillar. Discussion point: Includes talking points for each activity. View option

Helium and the Holy Spirit

Science with a twist

Inflate some regular balloons, and have fun trying to keep them in the air. Discussion point: People try to find joy through momentary pleasures; God’s Spirit provides lasting joy. View option

Joy in obedience

Any time, Drive time

Bless a child with words of affirmation or a small treat when they are obedient or make good choices. Discussion point: Obedience to God’s commands brings joy. View option

Joyful bubbles

Any time, Physical activity

Blow bubbles, and share a story about a girl who got everything she ever wanted. Discussion point: We can have all our hearts desire and still feel empty if our goal is to please ourselves. View option

Popcorn dipping party

Fun with food, Physical activity

Here are three zany ideas to create an evening of rollicking fun as a family. Discussion point: Pray together, thanking God for the joy of being in a loving family. View option

Rejoicing in the rain

Getting into nature

Go for a walk in the rain, and follow these ideas to make your walk joyful. Discussion point: It’s easy to be negative about the rain, but we should be thankful for it. View option

Sharing joy

Serving others

Surprise someone with kindness, then say “Share the joy!” Then it’s their turn to do something kind for another. Discussion point: Ask God who you can serve in a special way. View option

Short circuit complaints

Any time, Drive time

Every time a family member complains, have them think of something to praise God for instead. Discussion point: The importance of doing things without grumbling or arguing. View option

The most wonderful wedding

Drama / Role play

Plan and act out a pretend wedding ceremony, or stage one for stuffed toys. Discussion point: An amazing “wedding celebration” will take place when Jesus returns for us. View option