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Hands-on options

Hands-on options

How many times have you begun to share an important truth with your children, only to watch their eyes grow dull and their attention begin to wander elsewhere? It's distressing, isn't it? These simple activities will keep their eyes sparkling and their interest engaged while you explain the importance of being honest. Choose just one or two ideas that will appeal to your children.

An honest kid

Any time

Share this true story of a boy whose honesty in T-ball gained him a mention in Sports Illustrated magazine. Discussion point: Honesty earns the trust of others. View option

Certificate of authenticity

Any time, Drive time

Visit a jewellery store and see if you can distinguish between real and fake jewels. Discussion point: Sometimes we can fool people, but we can’t hide the truth from God. View option

Honest scales

Science with a twist

Make a simple set of scales, and explain how people sometimes use “dishonest” scales. Discussion point: Both children and adults highly value those who tell the truth. View option

Jujube® sneak

Fun with food

One parent sneaks a handful of candy, then asks the kids for advice on whether to truthfully confess. Discussion point: Truth brings blessing; lies lead to punishment. View option

Party time!

Fun with food

Have a party – either simple or elaborate – to celebrate the fact that your family speaks the truth. Discussion point: 1 Corinthians 13:6 “Love… rejoices with the truth.” View option

Pure truth

Science with a twist

Show how pepper “flees” from a soapy cotton swab. Discussion point: Lying and other sins separate us from our holy God; seeking His forgiveness restores the relationship. View option

Real versus make believe exercise

Any time, Drive time

Tell your children stories and have them practice discerning whether the stories are factual or fictional. Discussion point: We need to distinguish truth from make believe. View option

Sweet detectives

Fun with food

Through crumbs and spills, try to deceive others about which treat was sampled. Discussion point: Concealing the truth is considered lying; God always knows the truth. View option

The lie trap

Getting into nature

Watch a bug become entangled in a spider’s web. Discussion point: Satan wants us to get tangled up in lies; you can get “untangled” through confession and forgiveness. View option

Travelling tales and tails

Drive time

While driving, point out things that aren’t really there. Discussion point: If we are dishonest, even just to be funny, people will lose trust in what we say. View option

Truth champions

Creative crafts

Read about the armour of God, then make a belt of truth; discuss how Jesus speaks truth, but Satan tells lies. Discussion point: Telling the truth shows we are on God’s team. View option

“Oh yucky!” exercise

Fun with food

Invite your children to try some foods that you know they detest. Discussion point: God hates lying far more than we dislike “yucky” food. View option