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Hands-on options

Hands-on options

These fun ideas require very little preparation, making it easy for you to share some simple but memorable lessons with your kids. Choose just one or two ideas that will appeal to your children.

Note: The seasonal Kids of Integrity lesson on Thanksgiving has a number of hands-on options that would also be appropriate for this lesson on gratitude.

A marvellous medicine bottle

Creative crafts

Create a medicine bottle for a variety of complaints by stuffing a jar full of Bible verses from the memory verses section of this lesson. View option

If you feed it, it will grow

Science with a twist

Feed a grow-in-water creature with sugar water to teach kids that overindulging in all kinds of treats can make us ungrateful. View option

Illustrated prayer journal

Creative crafts

Help your children each make a colourful prayer journal that will remind them to include elements of adoration, confession and thanksgiving in their prayers. View option

Irritants and blessings

Any time, Drive time

Clothing tags can be uncomfortably itchy. Use this idea to impress on your children how irritating it is to have to listen to someone who is constantly complaining. View option

Lessons in the sand

Science with a twist

Fill two toy sand buckets with sand to impress on your kids that ingratitude gets in the way of appreciating God’s blessings in our lives. View option

M&M game

Any time

Learn the meaning of “Massah” and “Meribah” and use them as code words to remind kids to stop complaining. View option

Manna meal

Fun with food

For one meal, eat only one unsweetened, carbohydrate-based food to help your children practice contentment and appreciate the variety of food available to them. View option

Rose-coloured water

Science with a twist

Add food colouring until a jar of water is murky, and discuss how greed can cloud our perspective so we forget to be grateful. View option

The boy who complained about everything

Any time, Drive time

Entertain your kids by telling them this fable about a child who complained too much. View option

The joy of a gift

Drama / Role play

Use your children’s stuffed animals or dolls to act out both polite and impolite ways to respond when you receive a gift. View option