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Hands-on options

Hands-on options

Since most of these suggestions require minimal preparation, try them in the car, at the park or wherever you happen to be - reinforcing the idea that gentleness is important whenever and wherever we are.

A gentleness story personalized

Drive time

Tell this story about a beloved stuffed toy that is “injured” through rough play. Discussion point: We hurt others through our words or actions, but can’t always see the damage. View option

Dressing up in God's clothes

Drama / Role play

Choose dress-up clothes that represent the fruit of the Spirit, then role-play scenarios where you respond to provocation according to the traits you are wearing. Goal: Practice gentleness. View option

Gentle heating

Science with a twist

Heat salt, then heat chocolate and melt it to a heart shape. Discussion point: God’s Spirit softens our hearts with His love, helping us be kind and gentle. View option

Mr. North Wind

Any time

Recall what it’s like to be outside during a winter snow storm, and on a breezy sunny day. Discussion point: We need to be gentle, and not like stinging ice crystals. View option

Sweets for the sweet

Fun with food

During your study on gentleness, reward your children’s spontaneous gentleness with small treats. Double the reward if they responded well when provoked. Goal: Practice gentleness. View option

Take one; take two; take three!

Drama / Role play

Create make-believe scenarios where people speak harshly to your children; practice responding in anger (“take one”), then responding graciously (“take two”). Goal: Practice gentleness. View option

Take your crew to a petting zoo

Physical activity

At the petting zoo, observe how animals are more relaxed when they are handled gently. Goal: Practice hands-on gentleness. View option

Tone and expression matter

Any time, Drive time

Repeat phrases to your kids and have them identify both harsh and gentle tones. Discussion point: Speak to others in the same gentle way that you like to be spoken to. View option

Warm fuzzies and cold pricklies

Getting into nature

Collect items from nature that are like “warm fuzzies” or “cold pricklies,” then discuss behaviours that match both groups. Discussion point: Let’s fill our home with behaviours that are like warm fuzzies. View option