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Hands-on options

Hands-on options

Frequent revision is essential to the learning process. These easy-to-implement suggestions will help you reinforce the concept of forgiveness at opportune moments throughout the week - whether you're in the kitchen or in the car.

A picture of pain

Drama / Role play

Watch an Easter play or an age-appropriate movie about the crucifixion. Discussion point: Jesus suffered greatly on the cross, but He forgave; because of Jesus, God forgives us too. View option

A yucky lesson

Fun with food

Carve a pumpkin and remove the seeds and slime, then place a light inside. Discussion point: Jesus cleans all the “yuck” from inside our heart, and His Spirit shines out instead. View option

All we like sheep

Getting into nature

Observe some sheep, and try to find the most perfect one. Discussion point: Jesus was called the “Lamb of God, who takes away the sin of the world.” View option

Bitter roots

Fun with food

Sample a bitter food – ginger, horseradish, lemon or lime. Discussion point: Nurturing grudges and unforgiveness destroys our relationships; God helps us forgive. View option

Blessing instead of cursing

Any time

Teach your children a blessing they can say when others say or do unkind things. Discussion point: It’s important to learn to overcome evil with good. View option

Clean hearts

Science with a twist

Colour hearts cut from cotton fabric with washable markers, then wash out the “stains” with a bleach solution. Discussion point: God will forgive our sins, no matter how bad they seem. View option

Fun with laundry

Serving others

Compare some dirty laundry, before it is washed, with the final result after washing and bleaching. Discussion point: God “washes” sin from our hearts when we ask His forgiveness. View option

God's sponge

Any time

Observe how a sponge mops up a spill. Discussion point: Use the “sponge” of grace and forgive others even if they don’t ask for it. View option

Heavy luggage

Drama / Role play

Pack a load of heavy luggage and carry it for a while. Discussion point: Sin and guilt are heavy burdens, but forgiveness brings joyful relief. View option

Living in love

Any time

Role play several scenarios where you must gently rebuke someone, then offer forgiveness. Discussion point: It’s important to speak the truth in love. View option