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Gather your kids for a daily "picnic with Jesus," either indoors or outside. Each day you'll explore part of the Easter story and a relevant beatitude from the Sermon on the Mount.

Through nine "Bible story picnics" and fun optional activities, this lesson will help kids understand:

  • "blessed are the meek" (in Gethsemane, Jesus showed meek obedience)
  • "blessed are the persecuted" (Peter's fear of persecution led to his denial of Jesus)
  • "blessed are the merciful" (Pilate wasn't merciful to Jesus, but we can be merciful)
  • "blessed are the peacemakers" . . . plus five more beatitudes.

This is a more advanced lesson, so for ages three to five we recommend instead the Bible story entitled "the story of Jesus and forgiveness" found in the forgiveness lesson.