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Hands-on options

Hands-on options

Often we are consumed by the busyness of day-to-day living and we forget to look for opportunities to teach our children God-honouring character traits. These ideas require very little preparation, making it easy for you to share some simple but memorable lessons with your kids. Read over the suggestions at the beginning of your week and choose one or two that will fit your schedule.

"Practice" eating candy

Fun with food

Enjoy some small candies, pointing out that the tenth one doesn’t taste as good as the first. Discussion point: Enjoying sweets in moderation. View option

Appearance, desire and deception

Fun with food

Sample some candy that looks good on the outside, but doesn’t taste appealing. Discussion point: We desire things that often disappoint; always seek God, who never disappoints. View option

Caught in a trap!

Science with a twist

Watch a stuffed toy animal get “caught” in a mousetrap. Discussion point: Satan uses many different “baits” to trap us in sin. View option

Chasing after the wind

Getting into nature

Spend time outdoors trying to catch the wind, and flying a kit. Discussion point: Pursing pleasures for their own sake is unsatisfying. View option

Closet cleanup

Serving others

Sort through a cupboard, closet or toy box and donate unnecessary articles to a charity. Goal: Practice generosity and living with less. View option

Contentedness challenge

Any time, Drive time

While driving or standing in a line up, ask each other, “Can you be content without ________?” Discussion point: Develop responses based on Scripture. View option

Little House on the Prairie fashion

Drama / Role play

Live like the Inglalls family for a week, allowing your children only two outfits to wear and two toys to play with. Discussion point: Being thankful for what we have. View option

Rich man, poor man

Drama / Role play

Take turns enjoying a day of “luxury” and a day of “poverty.” Discussion point: Even luxuries become meaningless if enjoyed without knowing God. View option

Rotten envy

Science with a twist

Immerse an egg in cola and observe how the cola damages the eggshell. Discussion point: When we nurture envy, we “damage” our outlook and attitude. View option