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Hands-on options

Hands-on options

Practicing listening skills can be loads of fun! Try some of these activities, then look for ways to adapt some of your family's favourite games to encourage your children to learn to listen closely.

Animal ears sure can hear

Getting into nature

Observe an animal stalking its prey, and note the signs that it is focused and attentive. Discussion point: When we are inattentive, we can miss out on important things. View option

Animal Hide and Seek

Physical activity

Hide somewhere and make a quiet animal noise as a clue to help your children locate you. Goal: Practice listening skills. View option

Candid camera

Any time

Record conversations with your children, either by video or as an audio recording. Discussion point: It’s important not to tune others out, and to be quick to obey. View option

Eyes and ears in action

Getting into nature

In an outdoor location, have your children close their eyes and try to identify all the sounds they can hear. Goal: Practice listening skills. View option

Freeze-frame game

Physical activity

A game where kids must freeze in position when you call “Freeze frame!” Goal: Practice listening skills. View option

Fun with listening exercises

Drama / Role play

Surprise your children with some unusual instructions and reward them for listening closely. Goal: Practice listening skills. View option

Name that tune

Any time, Drive time

Play some music, or sing or whistle a song, then invite your children to identify the song. Goal: Practice listening skills. View option

Pass it on game

Physical activity

Practice listen skills by whispering a phrase, passing it from one person to the next until it has passed around the circle several times. Goal: Practice listening skills. View option

Radio frequencies

Any time, Drive time

While your family is listening to the radio, intentionally tune the radio poorly. Discussion point: Tune in to God and tune out Satan. View option

Storytime listening exercise

Drama / Role play

Take turns telling a story. When the story has finished, invite a child to summarize the story. Goal: Practice listening skills. View option

Telephone fun

Science with a twist

Make your own tin can telephone. Discussion point: Communication is about taking turns talking and listening; when you pray, take time to listen to God. View option

Treasure hunt

Physical activity

Go on a treasure hunt using clues based on noises made by various home appliances. Discussion point: Seek true treasure – listen to God’s Word. View option