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Hands-on options

Hands-on options

These fun ideas require very little preparation, making it easy for you to share some simple but memorable lessons with your kids. Choose just one or two ideas that will appeal to your children.

Baby, we were made for change

Drama / Role play

Dress up like a baby and have your kids care for your needs! Discussion point: Change is part of life, and some changes, like growing up, are necessary. View option

Choose your own adventure

Any time, Drive time

Help kids learn to view change as an adventure rather than a frightening journey by telling a “choose your own adventure” story. View option

Green stick versus dry stick

Getting into nature

Compare a dry, brittle stick with a fresh and flexible green stick and talk about the ways people can be either rigid or flexible in their attitudes. View option

Life is a sweet treat

Fun with food

Bake some “surprise cookies” or “surprise buns” that have something unexpected in the middle. Discussion point: Life is full of surprises. We should thank God for the gift of life, even when it surprises us. View option

Life is like a crazy carpet ride

Physical activity

Take your kids tobogganing or to a water slide! On the way home, use the questions for discussion to open up a conversation on trusting God when life becomes unpredictable. View option

Me and you in a chocolate fondue

Fun with food

Let your kids help you prepare a chocolate fondue, and use it as a metaphor to help your children understand how God uses tough times to refine us. View option

Sweet and sour candies

Fun with food

Have your kids close their eyes as they choose sweet or sour candy from a bag. Discussion point: We can ask God to help us see the sweetness in circumstances that seem sour at first. View option

The art of enjoying change

Science with a twist

Have fun making some “changeable artwork” using milk. The results are spectacular! View option

The tail doesn't wag the dog

Any time

Send your power hungry or manipulative child the message that “the tail doesn’t wag the dog." View option

Using your windshield wipers

Drive time

While you’re driving in heavy rain, pull over, turn off the windshield wipers, and watch the windshield become completely obscured by the rain. Discussion point: Strong emotions can obscure our view so we don’t think clearly or make good decisions. View option

Wet chick, dry chick

Physical activity

Play a game of tag using a garden hose. Or if it’s wintertime, play tag with snowballs. Afterwards, talk about the value of taking refuge in God. View option