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Hands-on options

Hands-on options

Often, we are consumed by the busyness of day-to-day living and we forget to look for opportunities to teach our children God-honouring character traits. These ideas require very little preparation, making it easy for you to share some simple but memorable lessons with your kids. Read over the suggestions at the beginning of your week and choose one or two that will fit your schedule.

Accepting new ideas

Drive time

While driving, invite the kids to identify a pizza parlour. Discussion point: If people had not been open to ideas from other countries, we would be without many things we enjoy today. View option

Funny fruit

Fun with food

Bring home an unfamiliar fruit and encourage your children to try it. Discussion point: Only God knows what’s inside our hearts and we should not judge others. View option

Grafting branches

Getting into nature

Investigate the practice of stem grafting in horticulture. Discussion point: God “grafts” those who believe in Jesus the Son into His family; we must accept each other just as He accepts us. View option

Hide and Seek - Sardines version

Physical activity

Play the game of Sardines together. Discussion point: How bad it feels to be left out or unwelcome. View option

Judging by appearances

Fun with food

Mix attractively decorated but super salty muffins among plain but great-tasting muffins. Discussion point: Appreciate people for who they really are rather than judging them by how they look. View option

Modelling inclusiveness

Physical activity

Play a fun game in front of the kids, then model inclusiveness by welcoming the children into your game. Discussion point: How bad it feels to be left out or unwelcome. View option

Paper dolls or cookie people

Creative crafts, Fun with food

Decorate paper dolls, or cut out cookie dough people using a cookie cutter. Discussion point: God made people with individual differences, and everyone has value to Him. View option

Singing about acceptance

Any time, Drive time

See several suggestions for songs that reinforce acceptance. View option

Teddy bear tea party

Drama / Role play

Stage a tea party for the stuffed animals that “live” in your home, drawing attention to those that were left out. Discussion point: The importance of including others. View option

Understanding cultural differences

Fun with food

Sample an unfamiliar food from another culture, and wear nylons over your arms to simulate “skin” of various colours. Discussion point: Despite superficial differences, people have much in common. View option

Water and oil

Science with a twist

Pour oil into coloured water and observe how the liquids refuse to mix. Then add flour, and watch the change. Discussion point: God’s Holy Spirit helps us be accepting of others. View option