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When Life Plays Games with Righteous Choices

November 29, 2012
 |  by Krista

When Life Plays Games with Righteous Choices

I’m writing this with a heavy sigh. It has been a few months since we started the Righteousness lesson and created our “Good Choices Poster”. At the onset, we taught three of the Bible lessons and found a cool YouTube video to demonstrate the Practical Suggestion called “Learn Like a Dog.” I didn’t blog about those activities right away and now all the details and kids’ reactions have leaked out of my brain. Since then, Rob and I have really dropped the ball in terms of following up and doing the lesson justice. The kids seem to be getting busier and busier with homework, soccer, gymnastics and Spanish lessons. And Rob and I have had our own projects/commitments eating up hours and days. We are stalled. 

So where do we fit KOI into our schedule? I am thoroughly unhappy that an identified priority has slipped below the radar and has, essentially, been shelved these past months. Naturally, guilt sets in, especially when Benjamin and Jessica begin to act like completely uncivilized orangutans. Yet I am reluctant to make a grab for some of their free play time because that also feels like it is becoming an endangered animal.

I’ve always been terrible for thinking I need a large chunk of time for anything beyond blowing my nose. Somehow, the organizational part of my brain keeps me in chains when the calendar gets cluttered. KOI has been purposefully designed to fit into the nooks and crannies of life… grocery store lineups, taxi time to and from activities, and over a meal. I KNOW that but I’m not taking advantage of it.

I can hardly wait for Christmas holidays. They spell FREEDOM! Time to play and teach and learn and have fun without the restrictions of school and homework! But in the meantime, we don’t want to let another month slip by. I’m going to start praying for God’s wisdom on this issue and that He would give us whatever means necessary to keep His teachings and His character at the forefront of our family life. And I’ll pray the same for each of you.

The Bible clearly encourages us to help each other. With that in mind, has anybody out there discovered special ways to fit KOI lesson pieces into busy days? From where do you steal the 10-20 minutes you need to cover one of the ideas? Are you multi-tasking? Are you consciously giving up something else in order to do it? Are there any other hardcore Type As out there who are feeling as negligent as I am? Let’s talk. Let’s encourage each other; Let’s be sensitive to the promptings of the Holy Spirit.

Have a blessed week, friends.

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