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What do you think?

August 24, 2010
 |  by Krista

What do you think?

Now that we’ve gained a little experience using the Kids of Integrity materials, a few thoughts have been floating around in my head. I would love to hear if anyone else out there has been thinking the same things.

Kids of Integrity in print?
Both Rob and I work hard at keeping our house clutter in control. But with two prolific artists-in-residence and all the paper associated with school, Sunday school, sports, etc., the effort sometimes seems futile. Alas, Kids of Integrity is adding to my already towering paper pile. (If it gets any taller, we may have to cordon off the kitchen and call an explosives engineer to trigger a controlled avalanche.) We’re also both “old-fashioned” enough to prefer reading print rather than text on a computer screen.

So . . . we’re dreaming of a day when the Kids of Integrity lessons might be put into print.  I don’t know how many other families would be willing to buy what is supplied for free online, but we’d be the first ones in line! I love the idea of having a book to keep me on track rather than more loose paper for my children to be buried under. There’s also the cost of ink cartridges to consider.

Anybody else out there want to see these lessons in printed form?

I am so thankful that I was asked to contribute to the blog because I get to have all of YOU as my accountability partners! Believe me, if there had been no higher level of responsibility, I would have slacked off as soon as July hit. There’s something about the summer that makes me lazy, and there’s something about the school year that makes me busy. So any and all accountability is very, very necessary.

If any of you are struggling with lack of inspiration or enthusiasm, I would strongly encourage you to find a partner family. It doesn’t matter if your kids are the same age; it doesn’t even matter if you’re working on the same lesson at the same speed. As long as it’s someone you can share ideas and support with, you’re good to go (it helps if you kinda like the other family, too!).

Despite the fact that English was my major in school, there have been a number of times when I’ve pulled out the dictionary and struggled to simplify a definition for the kids. Usually it’s the new KOI title or other key words in the lesson. I think it would be great to start each lesson with a relevant, simple definition so that younger kids can understand the concept more clearly. Is anyone else facing the same issue or am I the only tongue-tied, brain-dead mom out here?

Enough rambling. Help me out with your opinions here. You are my accountability partners and I would love to hear if there’s anyone else who thinks like me or, better yet, who thinks more clearly than me! Looking forward to your feedback.

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