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Walk the talk

November 18, 2011
 |  by Krista

Walk the talk

The same night I wrote our first Contentedness post, I went to bed with a nagging thought in the back of my head: “Hypocrite.” The words I wrote in my last blog post may have made me sound like a cheery, perfectly-thrilled-with-everything kinda gal. But with a little honest self-analysis, I am possibly more of a discontented mama than a contented one.

How ironic that God had me reading about Israel’s wanderings in the desert right as we started this lesson. I have always been disgusted with their grumbling and complaining, their quick forgetting of His astonishing provision. “What imbeciles!” I cry. “How could they be so whiny when they had His presence right in front of them with the guiding cloud and the pillar of fire? He was RIGHT THERE! He SPOKE to them!”

Then I’m reminded of my own whining. I thought I was happy with our house, but in hindsight, I do complain about small bedrooms and the back entry being not much larger than a postage stamp. I nag the kids to get ready faster, to eat more neatly, to be quieter, to pick up after themselves. And you should see that “complain-o-meter” skyrocket when anything gets misplaced! Most commonly, I moan about how I don’t have enough time to do everything I need and want to do. Poor, poor me.

I am Israel.

I am not one stitch better than the first generation of God’s chosen people. Though I have centuries of examples and mistakes to learn from, I am guilty of the same sins they were. I, too, forget that I am constantly in His presence. I fail to recall that He speaks to me throughout each and every day. How quickly my amnesia kicks in concerning the miracles He has performed for me and for loved ones . . . oh, the multitude of prayers answered! I neglect to revel in the joy of knowing that I am one of the most blessed people on the planet.

All this contemplation leaves me with some uneasy questions: What are my children learning from me? Am I teaching them to be “glass half empty” kids? Do I complain more than I express contentment?

Wouldn’t it be amazing if we were all content with what we had? If we were happy to pare down to the bare bones of loving Jesus and making Him our true priority? Eager to simplify our lives rather than add to the clutter and busyness? No more flyers. No more wandering the shopping mall. Far fewer bills.

That is what I want not only for myself but for Benjamin and Jessica as well. I want them to be able to crave God rather than the things of this world. God is better than a new yo-yo. God is more desirable than another stuffie. That means God has to be more important than getting through my to-do list.

Time to walk the talk, Mama.

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