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The story behind the series

July 21, 2010
 |  by Julie

The story behind the series

Have you heard the story behind Kids of Integrity? Laurel Kirchner and her husband, Jody, were busy raising their two boys, covering “the basics” with Bible stories, Sunday school and regular prayer. But it seemed like Biblical values weren’t gaining traction in their boys’ lives. Determined to see change, Laurel teamed up with friend Angela Cyr and began developing a set of character-building activities that focused on traits like patience, attentiveness and obedience.

“I wanted learning about God and Biblical values to be like dessert,” says Laurel. “I wanted the boys to ask, ‘Can we have some more?’ ”

The result was Kids of Integrity, which was enthusiastically embraced by Laurel’s kids and by families in their home church in Alberta.

“After our first week of lessons, which were on harmony, the boys were making it through a whole day without fighting,” says Laurel. “Another ‘aha!’ moment was when I noticed the boys sharing without being asked or forced to share. I knew God was changing the boys’ hearts through the Kids of Integrity lessons.” 

Laurel recently flew to Colorado Springs to be interviewed on the Focus on the Family radio broadcast. If you missed that broadcast and would like to learn more about the origins of Kids of Integrity, visit our About page and scroll to the bottom. We’ve placed an MP3 of the broadcast there.

Now that you know why Laurel started using Kids of Integrity, tell us your story! What motivated you to get started? What do you hope to teach your children?  In what ways do you see them growing or asking important questions about God? We’d love to hear from you!