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Spring distractions

April 13, 2011
 |  by Krista

Spring distractions

Spring weather typically puts a bounce in my step and seems to make life purr. Everything is lighter . . . easier. Goodbye, bulky winter wear, hello windbreakers and rubber boots! Mr. Sun’s newfound warmth is banishing the cold, the dark and the snow. And, yes, the puddles have made their annual transformation into kid magnets.

This year, however, something is chafing. I’m helping with two school/community projects, deadlines are looming and I have a Goliath list of indoor tasks pleading for my attention. Like a kid kept in at recess, I longingly stare out the window and wish I could just go out and play. What I should do battles fiercely with what I want to do. And our Kids of Integrity lessons are caught in the fray.

Rob and I have planned our next lesson to be Forgiveness. Even though a reminder keeps getting re-written on each consecutive page of my daytimer, implementation is as elusive as a kite let loose in a strong spring breeze. Everything else seems more pressing. And the weather is seriously distracting! Is it just me? Are the rest of you efficiently and lovingly pouring character training into your little ones as fluffy clouds sail by outside? Does anyone else feel like having pinecone races in rushing gutters?

I think I’m gonna have to figure out a way to take our Forgiveness lessons outside. Perhaps Benjamin will block the path of Jessica’s pinecone as it bobs its way down the miniature “river.” That would require a pardon. Or maybe Jess will soak Ben with a big puddle stomp. That could lead to a nice reminder about mercy.

Then again, maybe we’ll just go out and have a good time, and ask you for forgiveness because I’m late with a “real” blog post. So . . . can I go play now?

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