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Righteousness Poster — Mission Accomplished!

September 14, 2012
 |  by Krista

Righteousness Poster — Mission Accomplished!

(For a description of the first part of this venture, check out the post entitled, “The Good Choices Poster”.)

After a surprising number of hours of play J, we finally got the Righteousness poster together! (The project was starting to wear on me because I kept getting new ideas. Just one of the hazards of being me…)

With weight on it, the sandpaper sea bottom dried fairly straight. Once we started to lay it all out though, we made the unfortunate discovery that our colorful, tissue ocean waves made a rather gaudy, busy pattern and our beautiful sea creatures didn’t show up well. Hmmmm. How to tone it down? I dug around in our craft bin and came up with a sheet of that transparent, blue-tinted, basket-wrap stuff. We glued it over top of the waves to calm them down. It worked well enough and even added some crinkly shine that kind of looked like sunshine sparkling on water. (To avoid this extra step though, either don’t cut different colored waves at all, or use tissue paper very similar in shade!)

At long last we were able to affix all the embellishments. Craft foam seaweed and star fish were created. Ben spontaneously decided that we really needed a clown fish so we added that, too. Jess found a small, real seashell that was light enough to glue on. Then I suggested it would be cool to have an eel swimming through the kelp. Aggggghhhh! It was getting to be a very full body of water.

One final addition was the beacon on the lighthouse… the beam of hope and encouragement. We paraphrased Philippians 2:14,15, printed that on yellow paper, and cut it out in the shape of a bright shaft of light.

At last the arranging, gluing, drying and hanging were done and it was time to put some stars in the sky. The kids were pumped to add sparkle to the poster’s dark heavens. It actually wasn’t hard at all to “catch” them making good choices to earn those stars, whether it was getting their backpacks out, or putting toothpaste on their brushes before breakfast, or selecting gracious words when they could have used harsh ones. Each of those choices were affirmed and celebrated in a small way.

I’m beginning to think that maybe I need my own version of a “Good Choices” poster… something to keep me on course as I walk with the Lord. It sure wouldn’t hurt to have a visual reminder that every decision I make has some degree of impact on eternity. Then again, it might be a tad embarrassing to have to explain that I gave myself a star for having a carrot instead of sneaking a cookie when no one was looking! Ahhh, the humility and self-control that the Lord wants to build into me. It could only do my children good. (And me, too!)

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