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Reviewing character throughout Christmas

January 21, 2011
 |  by Krista

Reviewing character throughout Christmas

This post should have been written three weeks ago (you know an excuse is coming, don’t you?). Well, our family’s “birthday season” begins right after the Christmas season – two are in the first week of January. We go straight from garlands to birthday balloons. Can you say, “Hectic”? With that in mind, I’m begging forgiveness and pretending it’s just the start of the month!

When I saw that Laurel Kirchner, the original creator of Kids of Integrity, had suggested a season of review in the Christmas lesson, I took a deep breath and prepared to feel guilty for not doing anything during a busy time of year. But finding ways to reinforce past lessons was easier than I thought. Here are examples of material that was fairly easily re-examined during the bustle of the holidays:


  • We handwrote cards for many of our neighbours and tried to think of specific, personal things for which to express appreciation. Mommy did the writing, Daddy and the kids were the delivery team.
  • Our family played host to a few gatherings and always reviewed ways to show our guests true hospitality.
  • With a number of retired folks in our neighbourhood, we took advantage of opportunities to shovel snow for them.

A grandparent chose to bestow a monetary gift on the kids. We were able to talk about giving a portion back to God, and the kids eagerly chose their recipient organizations. Ben is going to buy “wish list” items for a street church and Jessica will be stocking our church’s food bank. Both were so excited to make their own decisions and are eager to go shopping!

Courteous communication
It can still be a struggle to get appropriate thanks out of the kids for gifts and hosted events. Neither kid is shy or exceptionally quiet at home, but when Uncle Pat asks how school’s going, you would think their lips were sewn shut! We worked on that and also on responding thoughtfully when asked questions by relatives. Basic, gracious conversational skills are in the works.

When Jessica broke the tail off Benjamin’s brand new Playmobil® giraffe, it was a great chance for us to remind her about the value of being gentle with toys, and to remind Ben about being gentle and gracious when responding to his sister’s tearful remorse.

This type of review might be a great practice for both the busyness of December and the lazy days of summer. Meanwhile, we’re going to get started on our next lesson, Respect. Looking forward to valuable reminders for all four of us.