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Random Acts of Kindness Week

September 6, 2010
 |  by Krista

Random Acts of Kindness Week

Even though our week seemed kind of disjointed, and it didn’t feel like we took complete advantage of what we could have done for “Random Acts of Kindness,” we know this can (and should) be an ongoing effort long after this lesson is completed. As a family, we still managed to offer help and friendship on a number of occasions. Here’s what we did:

  • Took over the flyer route for a neighbour boy who was away on vacation. The kids pulled the wagon and I stuffed the mailboxes.
  • Started making a “Cheery Countdown Package” for an aunt who is undergoing cancer treatment. We are writing cards, drawing pictures, making crafts, etc. – one for each remaining day of her radiation therapy.
  • Saw our 92-year-old neighbour drop something on her sidewalk. She was hanging on to her walker and trying to pick it up as I ran over to assist. Turned out she had picked a few raspberries but spilled them as she manoeuvred her walker to the house. I gathered them quickly and made sure she was safely on her way again.
  • Rob went to his mom’s place and did a number of yard jobs that had been hanging over her head.
  • Found a good quality, but reasonably-priced, car seat for a friend of ours who was stressed about locating one. (Her family is taking in a woman and her baby who fled persecution in Africa. Now THAT is unreal kindness!)
  • Invited five single friends for supper again (all live alone and have to cook for themselves). This started about three years ago, and they have grown to really enjoy each other’s company (we invite them every four to six months). Both kids helped clean the house, set the table and baked fresh cookies to send home with each guest.

Though not all of these actions directly involved the kids, they witnessed each act and will hopefully adopt a “kindness mindset” in their own lives. We did actually see them making some great efforts to show kindness to each other. One day, Jessica had fallen off her bike and scraped her elbow. After we tended it, Benjamin noticed she was still teary, so he decided to draw pictures to help cheer her up. It worked. He soon had her giggling and distracted.

We also got two books out of the library called The Compassion of Animals (by Kristin von Kreisler) and The Compassion of Dogs (by Kim D.R. Dearth). I’m reading them and passing on anecdotes to help the kids understand that animals can be a wonderful source of inspiration for acts of kindness.

We’ll be running a bunch of errands tomorrow and plan to see if we can bring some good cheer to the people we encounter.

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