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Patience and the Lord of the Rings

September 29, 2010
 |  by The Buggs

Patience and the Lord of the Rings

Well, we decided that we've gone as far as we can with the Respect lesson in our household. The boys seem to have grasped the concept of thinking of others ahead of themselves, which was one of the goals we had in mind. I’m sure we’ll need to do some refresher courses along the way, but we’re pretty happy with how they received what we were trying to teach them.

Our next challenge (and next Kids of Integrity lesson) will be learning and teaching Patience. We know this will be a great test for the entire family . . . not just for the boys. Some of the shorter people in the household may need a little more work to grasp the concepts of each lesson, but we shall persevere.

Here’s one of the reasons why we chose patience as our next topic. A few weeks ago, we were doing our family devotions after dinner, and the topic happened to be patience. We were talking about how the Lord would do things and what we thought Jesus would do in certain situations. So, after I finished reading, we dismissed from the table and our youngest boy commented, “I wonder what the Lord of the Rings would do.” Seriously, I can't make this stuff up. (I'm still chuckling to myself as I write this.)

At that point, my wife and I decided patience would probably be the best choice of topic for our next Kids of Integrity lesson, if for no other purpose than to define for our boys what patience means.


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