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Mouldy attitudes and grace from a seven year old

March 25, 2011
 |  by Krista

Mouldy attitudes and grace from a seven year old

Don’t ask me how we managed to do it, but we were UNABLE to grow any mould on our bread! Seriously, are there any scientist-type people out there who can explain that? We kept it warm. We made sure it was moist. Then we thought it might be too warm, so we moved it to a few different areas in the house. I’m loath to admit it, but that crazy piece of rye was pampered for 15 days! Finally Rob got really tired of finding an uncooperative slice of bread in unusual places, and he chucked it. So much for a visually memorable object lesson. Why is it so easy to grow mould when you don’t want to?

Still, we plowed ahead with the explanation, encouraging the kids to recall when they might have seen mould on something else. Then, in lieu of a real fuzzy, green specimen, we called on their imaginations: “If we had a slice of mouldy bread and a slice of fresh bread, which would you rather eat?” Our genius offspring chose the latter. Then Rob came up with the analogy that when we are disrespectful, we become kind of yucky, too, and others may not find us very appealing to be around. In other words, we sometimes show “mould” in our attitude. Both Jessica and Benjamin definitely got the point, and we could see the wheels turning as they thought about how unpleasant it felt to be around disrespectful people.

Unfortunately, only a couple days later, Ben got a full blast of some “mouldy” attitude directed at him over a homework conflict. And the culprit was none other than his mother. I blew it worse than I have in a long time. Without even listening to the reasons for his actions, I zoomed in on him like a B-52 bomber. I’m not a habitual “yeller,” but, sadly, I could have won the world championship that day. In the end, his teary explanation made complete sense, but I hadn’t respected my son enough to stop and listen. As is written in the Parents’ Prayer, “My own sinfulness echoes in my ears . . .”

Later I confessed to my son that my utter lack of control also showed an utter lack of respect for him. He accepted my apology with the grace of one far beyond his years. Perhaps wise seven-year-old Benjamin should be writing these posts! It appears that he may be far more qualified to speak on some of these topics than I . . .

So, with my tail between my legs, I’m officially finishing off the Respect lesson. I feel like the kids should get at least a B+ and I should get a D. I’ve already been to the “Principal’s office.” He tells me I’m a work in progress and He loves me anyway. And He keeps dealing with my mouldy attitude in the most respectful way.

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