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Blog: Obedience

August 21, 2012 |  by Julie

Why I need other parents

I need to say thank you to my fellow Kids of Integrity parents. The last time I posted, I was struggling to understand why my toddler didn’t seem to be responding to the Obedience lesson as well as I... Read more
July 9, 2012 |  by Julie

The elusive pursuit of obedience

Okay, I’ll admit it – I’ve been somewhat reluctant to write an update on our recent foray into the Obedience lesson for one very big reason . . . it’s not going so well. There. I said it. Let the... Read more
June 8, 2012 |  by Julie

Why we obey

I’ve been impressed with how well Piper responded to our first Kids of Integrity lesson on Patience. Since she’s so young, I was worried that it wouldn’t sink in very well, but I’ve been pleasantly... Read more