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Blog: Contentedness

July 12, 2013 |  by Julie

A post-vacation readjustment

I don’t know if you’re like this with your kids, but when I’m on vacation, I tend to let the rules slide. “What’s that? You want to stay up two hours past your bedtime to keep playing with your... Read more
February 24, 2012 |  by Krista

Peace and contentment 101

Well, we’ve wrapped up our Contentedness series. It was the perfect lesson to straddle the holiday season and use in tandem with the Christmas lesson. I do believe our family experienced fewer “gimme... Read more
February 1, 2012 |  by Krista

Rich kid, poor kid

Rob and I had a feeling our results for the “Rich Man – Poor Man” exercise might be atypical for two reasons: our kids don’t get a lot of screen time (no TV at all, occasional videos and computer... Read more
January 25, 2012 |  by Krista

Credit cards, contentment and burned down houses

Recently, Rob and the kids came down with some kind of nasty cough and fever bug. So on Saturday, we decided to do “church at home” the following morning. I was wiped from being up with crazy... Read more
January 16, 2012 |  by Krista

The contentedness challenge

CAUTION: It is advisable to sit down in cushioned surroundings while playing this game. There is a strong possibility you may fall over when you hear some of your children’s questions and answers.... Read more
November 29, 2011 |  by Krista

Snarled spaghetti, special gifts and letting go

Ben and Jess couldn’t quite figure out what was going on at dinner the other day when Rob and I put a glop of spaghetti on each of their plates but removed their forks and put the sauce out of reach... Read more
November 18, 2011 |  by Krista

Walk the talk

The same night I wrote our first Contentedness post, I went to bed with a nagging thought in the back of my head: “Hypocrite.” The words I wrote in my last blog post may have made me sound like a... Read more
November 4, 2011 |  by Krista

The "A-OK as is" lesson

A few months ago, I was selling an item online and the woman who came to pick it up had a great personalized license plate on her car: AOKASIS (A-OK as is). The kids were curious and asked me what it... Read more