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Blog: Acceptance

December 16, 2010 |  by Krista

Our fun and fresh acceptance tree

Two posts ago ("Acceptance blues"), I lamented the static nature of the family tree suggestion for the Kick-off craft activity. At the time, I expected to breeze through this lesson because there... Read more
December 1, 2010 |  by Krista

Food on trial: acceptance v. squash

Question: What do squash, green pancake batter, and Asian and Polish food have in common? Answer: An initial “Yuck!” response from my kids. It was a week of culinary testing in our household. We... Read more
November 12, 2010 |  by Krista

Acceptance blues

For two weeks now, we’ve been trying to start the Acceptance lesson, but “stuff” just kept cropping up unexpectedly. Usually it’s just me being unprepared that stalls us, but this time I was ready... Read more