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Kids of Integrity is headed to Uganda!

October 19, 2010
 |  by Julie

Kids of Integrity is headed to Uganda!

A few weeks ago, we heard about a church in Edmonton, Alberta, that is taking Kids of Integrity to Uganda! Shirley B., one of the team members from Northgate Baptist Church, shared with us how they came to choose KOI as part of the VBS program they’ll be leading for 400 children in the city of Marare, Uganda.

“Over the summer, I used the Kids of Integrity program at home with my family. In discussing this with another lady in our VBS planning group, we quickly realized we could incorporate a lot of the simple hands-on activities from KOI into our curriculum. The themes fit perfectly!”

During their two-week trip to Uganda, Shirley’s team will be incorporating aspects of the KOI lessons into their overarching theme, The Fruit of the Spirit. She explained, “We chose five fun and simple hands-on options that fit with our daily Fruit of the Spirit lessons. From the love/joy hands-on option (science with a twist) incorporating the baking soda/vinegar and red food colouring, to the fizzy mess activity for Self-Control, we now feel confident that the children will have a better understanding of God’s role for us with each fruit of the Spirit. And, in working through the curriculum development, we realized how applicable these lessons are for us as well!”

Shirley’s team will be taking photos of their time in Uganda and will share with us another update once they return. Would you join with us in praying for their team, as well as for the children they’ll be teaching?

“We are overflowing with excitement and thankfulness to God for this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!” Shirley told us. We, too, are excited by how God will use Shirley’s team, as well as Kids of Integrity, to share the love of our Saviour with the people of Marare.

Stay tuned for photos and future updates on KOI in Uganda!

(If you know of a church or group in your area that's planning on using KOI in a similar way, would you let us know? Email [email protected])