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Juggling generosity

September 24, 2010
 |  by Krista

Juggling generosity

Now that we’re more than halfway through September, you’d think life would be settling into more of a routine. Unfortunately, our household still feels somewhat out of sorts. Ben and Jess seem to be getting a little more worn out each week and are not recovering fully on the weekends like we hoped they would. Tears come easily and our patience “bank accounts” are draining. Erin J.’s Facebook comment about home-schooling makes me sigh and wonder if maybe that’s a path we should consider.

For the past couple weeks, we’ve let Kids of Integrity rest, and we’re hearing that some of you took a break, too. We’re so grateful for the inherent flexibility of this program, though I must admit I’m starting to feel some guilt now. We really should get back at it before our good habits disappear altogether.

We’ve chosen Generosity as our next lesson for several reasons:

  1. It coincided with a generosity lesson I was teaching Ben’s Sunday school class (the story of Ruth and Boaz).
  2. The neighbour boy for whom we delivered flyers ended up paying us for our week’s work. It’s the first money the kids have earned, and Benjamin was asking a lot of questions about why we need to give a portion to God.
  3. Christmas is coming up and gifts are already a topic of discussion. Rob and I really want to shift the focus from getting to giving, so we’d better start early. (How does one do that without squashing the joyful anticipation of fun surprises?)

Rob chose the memory verse “It is more blessed to give than to receive” (Acts 20:35), and we’ve got our treasure chest poster printed (I still want to find some “jewel” stickers to fill it with). Beyond that, we haven’t gotten to the “meat” of the lesson yet. This one may take us a while . . . we’re still chugging in first gear.

I have a feeling God is challenging me this fall to be generous with my time, even though I want to just hide at home and chip away at my to-do list!

  • While Jessica is still home in the mornings, I could be devoting time to nurturing her and filling her “gas tank” to help her through the day.
  • A new couple just moved in across the street. They have a toddler and are expecting their second child shortly. We could have them over for supper and start building a relationship, so we can help out when the baby comes.
  • Our church has a shortage of Sunday school teachers. I could offer to pick up extra dates until more help can be found.

The generosity list is long and the weeks are short. Yet my Lord is not a God of incongruity. Perhaps I need, first and foremost, to be generous with time in prayer, so I can discern His will. He knows exactly how I can best use each minute He gives me.

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