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It's all about respect...and Garfield

August 20, 2010
 |  by The Buggs

It's all about respect...and Garfield

So, the boys were very excited about the idea of creating a big, honkin' poster that would display all the respect rules for the family to see. Anita and I decided we would let them figure out how they wanted the poster to look. After much discussion between the two, they decided that the best way to present these rules was through the eyes of none other than Garfield. Yes, Garfield. With eyebrows raised, we permitted this foray into “modern design” by our two budding artists and were very pleased with the results.

We had a number of rules that needed to be displayed on the poster, and the boys decided Garfield would act out each rule in some fashion. They really were excited and seemed very intent upon making sure each rule was presented in the best possible way. They each selected a number of the rules to draw – and went to town! They worked together and came up with a very colourful – and liberal – interpretation of what needed to be portrayed.

We now have a large poster taped to the back of our front door that reminds us of things we should be doing in our house to show respect. Thanks, Garfield (and boys)!

Mmmmm . . . is that lasagna I smell?

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