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Help for our hearing? Anyone?

July 23, 2012
 |  by Krista

Help for our hearing? Anyone?

We’ve done a couple posts now on teaching kids to hear God’s voice. Is anybody else out there also working on this? I would really love to know how you do it. Is it the kind of thing that just requires lots of practice? Does anyone have specific questions to aid the process or exercises to help make it real for little ones?

I am completely compelled to sink my teeth into this because I believe an intimate, reciprocal relationship with Jesus Christ is one of the primary keys to leading a fruitful life. We SO MUCH want that for our children. Yet I kind of feel like I’m blazing a trail through the jungle with a machete. Not a lot of clearly charted territory here, it seems. Has anyone used any of the books on the resource page of the Attentiveness lesson? Do they deal with hearing God? Any assistance would be so appreciated!

Here’s one example I found to help the kids see how much God desires two-way communication. I asked them to imagine that Auntie Corinne called; they answered the phone and the conversation went like this:

Hi, Benjamin (or Jessica)! This is Auntie Cor. Let me tell you about my day. I got up this morning and cooked breakfast for your cousins and sent them off to school. Then I spent some time working on the computer. At lunchtime I had a ham and cheese sandwich with some raw veggies and then I did laundry all afternoon.  When my kids came home I helped them with homework and then we had pizza for supper. By the way, thanks for the fun birthday card. I’ve got it posted on the fridge. Anyway, now I’m going to clean up the dishes and head to my Bible study. Tomorrow I plan to shop for some groceries. So, it was nice talking to you. I’ll call again soon. Say hi to your mom and dad. Bye! (Click.)

Ben’s eyes were wide when I finished. “That’s weird,” he said. I asked why. “Well, she didn’t ask me any questions or give me a chance to say anything,” he replied. “It totally wouldn’t be a fun conversation. It would be boring.”

“But that’s how we often treat God when we pray,” I explained. He looked confused. “When we pray, we thank Him for a list of things, ask Him for a list of things and then ‘hang up’ when we say, ‘Amen.’ We don’t let Him tell us anything, do we?”

In one short, profound moment, Ben began to chortle with gleeful comprehension. “I get it. I GET IT! I know exactly what you’re saying! You’re right!” That proverbial light bulb looked to be about 500 watts!

So now I have a kid who is totally convicted that God wants to have nice, long conversations with him, and I’m not sure how to help him get those exchanges going. Has anybody got a map for me? Directions? Hints? Help!

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