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To Halloween or not to Halloween?

October 26, 2011
 |  by Julie

To Halloween or not to Halloween?

Fall. What is it about this time of year that is so special? Maybe it’s the beautifully changing leaves, the crisp air or the return of cozy sweaters and footie pajamas for our little ones. Personally, I love the pumpkins. In fact, right now we have a trio of pumpkins sitting in our garage, just begging to be carved (or scribbled on with a marker by my two year old!). This week also has my mind on that familiar fall holiday, Halloween. How could I ignore it, considering most stores are brimming with costumes, candy, spiders and spooky decor?

When my niece and nephew were in daycare, I remember my sister telling me about a dilemma she faced regarding Halloween. She has some concerns about the holiday’s origins, as well as its emphasis on all things creepy. And since her church was hosting an alternative “Fall Fun Night” on October 31, she hadn’t even considered buying costumes for her kids. But when her children’s daycare sent home a note reminding the parents that they would be having a Halloween costume parade, she was worried that her kids would feel left out or self-conscious being the only ones without a costume. At the time, I wasn’t a parent, so I had never considered how I would handle this holiday myself. Now that I have a two year old who would undoubtedly love dressing up (as a princess, I’m sure), collecting candy and hanging out with other kids, I’m not sure how to handle the holiday myself.

I’m curious to know what you, our Kids of Integrity parents, think about this holiday. What do you tell your children about Halloween? Do you believe it’s harmless fun or something to be avoided? Does your church create any kind of alternative for Halloween night, such as a fall festival or harvest celebration? Will you be dressing your children up or allowing them to trick-or-treat?

How ever you and your family decide to handle this holiday, I hope you’re enjoying the fall (and maybe some yummy pumpkin treats!).