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The good choices poster

September 7, 2012
 |  by Krista

The good choices poster

Well, you know you’ve had mixed priorities as a parent when your kids cheer, “Are we FINALLY going to get to do more KOI activities? Today? Really? ” Wow! Fellow blogger Julie talked about parental guilt in a recent blog post and here I am swimming in it, too.

In an attempt to make up for my negligence, we dove right in to the kick-off craft of creating an undersea/night sky poster. Jess and Ben were all over the idea, and we played with it for quite some time. We’ve come up with some practical suggestions and creative embellishments of our own. Didn’t get the whole thing done initially (it was raining, so our glitter glue was NOT drying!), but here’s the synopsis of the first part.

  • Three tablespoons of glue mixture is the right amount to cover a poster board, but we found the ratio of 1 Tbsp. of glue to 2 Tbsp. of water dried too fast. Maybe try mixing 1.5 Tbsp. of each to get it gluier? Or 2:1?
  • If you use the quick-drying ratio, try just painting about a sixth of the poster board at a time. The glue mix won’t stay sticky unless you work really fast.
  • We did our sky by plunking a straight piece of dark purple tissue down on the top third (didn’t have black). But we had a bit of fun with our water by cutting wavy shapes out of four different ocean-coloured sheets (1/4 sheet of each was perfect). We glued them overlapping and sometimes painted glue mixture over top to smooth edges (see photo).
  • We happened to have four flat, plastic sea creatures in our craft bin just waiting for an opportunity to be showcased. Benjamin and Jessica jazzed them up with glitter glue. We also created a seahorse and a jellyfish (I found shapes to copy on Google Images). They were cut out of coloured paper and decorated.
  • Seaweed was cut from green craft foam (it required glitter as well).
  • The moon came from yellow craft foam and was also deemed to require some sparkle.
  • After cutting and gluing sandpaper “sand” on the bottom of the ocean, it started to curl, so we set it on the laundry room floor with weights on it in an attempt to dry it straight.

At this point, a thought popped into my head that God is our lighthouse as we “navigate the currents of life,” and He is there to help guide our choices. So I asked the kids if they wanted to add a lighthouse to the poster. The reply was eagerly affirmative, so after they picked their favourite clip art to work from, we fashioned our signal tower out of more craft foam. The kids used markers to colour in the red stripes and we made it fancy with . . . what else? . . . more glitter glue! (It’s going to be a very fancy poster once we get it all together.) The background still has nothing on it. First everything has to dry individually.

Stay tuned for Part II!

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