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Getting kids excited about lesson time

August 4, 2010
 |  by Julie

Getting kids excited about lesson time

We recently received a great question from a Kids of Integrity mom on our Facebook page. She wanted to know if we could offer any suggestions on how to get kids excited about Bible study. (Because, let’s face it, not every kid jumps for joy upon hearing the words “Bible study” or “devotions time.”)

The original creator of Kids of Integrity, Laurel Kirchner, shared the following tips. If you’re struggling to get your kids excited about lesson time, hopefully these will be helpful to you.

Laurel shared:

“Many kids already have negative connotations associated with 'Bible story' time. For less than willing ‘students,’ SKIP the formal Bible stories altogether and do some of the hands-on options, and then share the related Bible verses.

Telling a Bible story in a modern setting (such as, while driving in the car, so you have a captive audience) is also a great way to pique their interest in the real Bible story.

To make the story more interactive, get out dress-up clothing and other props, and have your children act the story out. As you read, they must dress and grab props and act the story out ‘impromtu.’

Pulling kids away from play time or another interesting activity can make it hard to get their attention for a story. Wait until they are bored, and then pull out your props, puppets, etc., and engage them then.

Avoid gathering them around the kitchen table. Have the story in the back yard or under the kitchen table with a sheet draped over the top to make a tent . . . or in a tree fort . . . or in the bathtub.”

How about you? Have you found any effective ways to get your kids excited about lesson time?