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Gentlemen, not cavemen

July 6, 2010
 |  by The Buggs

Gentlemen, not cavemen

Anita and I want to raise our boys to be respectful, polite, empathetic, honourable gentlemen – and there’s a saying I made up for whenever the boys are not acting appropriately: “Boys, we are gentlemen, NOT cavemen.” This little saying works perfectly with the Kids of Integrity lesson we’re currently working on – Respect.

Now, boys will be boys (which often means fooling around), but we want our sons to learn skills that will serve them well as they grow to be men – and, hopefully, husbands and fathers. For example, I grew up with three sisters and learned from an early age the importance of treating women with respect. So now we’re teaching our boys to do little things like holding doors open and letting women go first. Sadly, these days small gestures of respect like this are all too often forgotten or labelled as old-fashioned.

As part of our Kids of Integrity lesson, we’ve drafted up a list of rules we call “Family Respect Rules.” We had the boys offer different ideas about what respect is, tweaked the list and now we review it at each dinner time. Over time, I think this should be helpful in remembering what and who we are supposed to become.

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