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The fox and the hound - all ears!

March 26, 2012
 |  by Krista

The fox and the hound - all ears!

The Kick-off craft activity in the Attentiveness lesson was a huge hit with our two creature lovers. Making animal ear hats proved quick, easy and more popular than I thought. At first I wondered if Ben, who is now eight, would think it was a childish activity, but he’s the one who’s wearing his hat almost every waking moment that he’s not in school!

First we let the kids mull over what kind of animal ears they wanted. Ben was drawn to the oversized hearing apparatus of a desert-dwelling fennec fox. (I wish his ears were that sensitive!) Jessica waffled: horse . . . dog . . . horse . . . dog. She ended up going for the pliable, silky ears of a hound. We hunted for pictures in books to help us get the proper shape.

It was fun to design both floppy and upright ears. Both kids started with a headband of brown poster board. I figured it would stand up to more wear and tear than regular craft paper. It’s also big enough that a strip goes easily around the head once. After we had them fitted, we covered the staples on the inside with masking tape because we found Jessica’s hair getting clawed and pulled whenever she took her hat off.

Ben chose tan-coloured cardstock for his ears. We folded the paper in half the long way and drew a big, pointy ear. He cut both layers at the same time to make the shapes identical. Then it was simply a matter of colouring a bit of detail (dark tips, tufty white hairs, etc.) and stapling them to the headband. We placed them a bit more to the front so they would more closely resemble the forward-facing ears of a fox. The boy was ecstatic!

As I thought about Jess’ ears, I remembered a spare chunk of smooth fake fur in my sewing bin. Turned out to be the perfect, soft, floppy material. Another gleeful kid! (Gotta love those moments when Mom’s a hero!) Jessica and I drew a “trial ear” on paper, and once we were happy with the shape and size, we traced it onto the cloth. Cutting and stapling were simple and it wasn’t long before the girl was happily bounding around with her new “ear warmers.”

The icing on the cake, however, was the announcement that each time they were attentive and obedient, they would get to choose a sticker for their hat. Let me tell you, I haven’t seen them get ready for bed so fast in a very long time! Even now, several days later, they are often acting like they have been impeccably trained! Whose kids are these?!

Rob and I LIKE this lesson. We LOVE this activity! And we highly recommend it if your kids buy in like ours have! Four ears really are better than two . . .

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