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An Easter-time craft for our good-nap day

March 20, 2013
 |  by Julie

An Easter-time craft for our good-nap day

It had been five days since the baby had taken a good nap. Five days. I thought I was going to lose my mind.

Normally Finn takes at least one good nap a day – around two to three hours – with a few other brief naps here and there. But for whatever reason, he suddenly started having trouble sleeping past 30 minutes for every nap. Did I mention he also still has trouble staying awake any longer than an hour? Yeah. Our days had become a cycle of getting the baby up, putting him down, getting him up, down, up, down… . Mommy was getting tired; my four-year-old little girl was getting bored.

“Mommm-eeee… what are we going to do today?”

Well, we’re going to creep silently around the house and beg your little brother to take a good nap, I thought to myself. Instead, I responded, “I don’t know, Piper. We’ll see how it goes.”

And then, finally, this morning Finn slept past the dreaded 30-minute mark. And kept going.

“Quick! Quick! Let’s do a Kids of Integrity lesson!”

Piper looked at me blankly. “A what?”

“A craft! A craft!” I said the magic words (she adores crafts) while frantically pulling out my laptop to open up Kidsofintegrity.com.

In my last post, I mentioned that we were going to start back with the lesson on Honesty. However, I recently received an email from Focus on the Family Canada suggesting the KOI lesson on Forgiveness as a good way to prepare kids for Easter. Considering the fact that my daughter has started referring to Easter as Easter Bunny (i.e. “Mom, am I going to get some jelly beans on Easter Bunny?”), I was looking for ways to teach her what Easter is truly about.

I settled on the Kick-Off Craft called “ ‘Stainedglass’ cross.” Since Piper is only four years old, a lot of the KOI lessons are still a little bit over her head. I found this one to be straightforward, fun and quite easy to pull off considering I had all the supplies on hand. All you need is a few pieces of coloured tissue paper and some clear packing tape.

Piper loved tearing up the tissue paper, sticking it on the tape and using her toddler scissors to trim the edges. The final result was quite pretty! She loved it so much, she immediately asked to make another cross to hang in her bedroom window.

Best of all, this craft allowed us the opportunity to talk about what it means that Jesus died on the cross for our sins, and what it means to show forgiveness to others. She doesn’t quite have it all figured out yet, but I can see the wheels turning in her head. It’s a start! And hopefully by the time Easter arrives, she’ll be thinking less about jelly beans and bunnies, and more about our Saviour’s mighty work on the cross.

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