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Can a vagabond and an anchor raise godly kids?

June 15, 2010
 |  by Krista

Can a vagabond and an anchor raise godly kids?

This blogging adventure may be best started with a confession . . . I am not very up on modern technology. In truth, I had to research exactly what a blog is and came away relieved to find that it can be like an online journal. I’m looking forward to comparing ideas and stories with you. Your feedback is most welcomed.
If you decide to follow along on our Kids of Integrity adventures, you’ll be getting to know an imperfect, middle-class family who loves Jesus. I’m Krista, a former “jill of all trades” turned mom. I used to travel extensively and worked anywhere that seemed interesting. Then, at age 32, I married Mr. Right. I knew without a doubt that Rob would be an amazing father. He is patient, servant-hearted, grounded and smart. It seemed a shame to waste those great genetics (ha, ha!), so we started talking about that “next big step” of having children.

So what exactly do you get when you mix a vagabond (me) with an anchor (Rob)? Answer: two beautiful children, Benjamin (six) and Jessica (four). Like their parents, they are exact opposites. Our firstborn is calm, thoughtful, imaginative, and he likes everything to be predictable and familiar. His sister, on the other hand, is a little spitfire with a “variable temperament” (she’s just like her mama!). Jessica loves adventure and is incredibly determined.

Why exactly is Kids of Integrity so appealing to our family? When Rob and I first had kids, the imposing thought of “building godly character” into their little souls was more than daunting; it seemed impossible . . . and not very fun. Sometimes I would look at my offspring and think, “You are sunk! My brain is mush, and I’m too tired to feel godly, let alone teach you anything about it!”

The great thing about Kids of Integrity is that it covers the main character traits we want to teach our kids. My husband and I don’t have to plan lessons or hunt for applicable Bible verses. We just read the selection and choose the elements that fit best with our family and our current schedule.

I have a feeling there will be a lot of growing ahead as we dive into Kids of Integrity and zero in on raising godly kids in today’s culture. (Actually, I have a sneaking suspicion it won’t just be our kids who will be learning valuable lessons!)

We look forward to journeying with you. We’ll be back soon after we begin work on our first lesson, Self-Control.