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Blog: Krista

November 12, 2010 |  by Krista

Acceptance blues

For two weeks now, we’ve been trying to start the Acceptance lesson, but “stuff” just kept cropping up unexpectedly. Usually it’s just me being unprepared that stalls us, but this time I was ready... Read more
October 24, 2010 |  by Krista

Giving back to God

It had never occurred to Rob and me that the term “giving back to God” didn’t make any sense to our kids. We had started using the phrase around them but hadn’t given any thought as to how it sounded... Read more
October 11, 2010 |  by Krista

Generosity as a lifestyle

We’ve been working through some of the Hands-on options this week as we’ve cleaned out the kids’ closets in preparation for cooler weather. In accordance with “Caring for Others” and “What do we have... Read more
September 24, 2010 |  by Krista

Juggling generosity

Now that we’re more than halfway through September, you’d think life would be settling into more of a routine. Unfortunately, our household still feels somewhat out of sorts. Ben and Jess seem to be... Read more
September 17, 2010 |  by Krista

Surviving September?

I am overwhelmed, exhausted and already so far behind on everything. Oh, the joys of the start of school! We were warned by other parents that when Benjamin entered the full days of Grade One and... Read more
September 10, 2010 |  by Krista

Wrapping up Kindness

I don’t know about you, but we often find that our kids simply do not respond appropriately to compliments. Though we’ve coached and coached, they usually look like they’re ignoring the admiring... Read more
September 6, 2010 |  by Krista

Random Acts of Kindness Week

Even though our week seemed kind of disjointed, and it didn’t feel like we took complete advantage of what we could have done for “Random Acts of Kindness,” we know this can (and should) be an... Read more
August 27, 2010 |  by Krista

Beginning lessons on kindness

Well, we finally finished our 100-square Gentleness Quilt and, as promised, went bowling and had ice cream sundaes to mark the event. Kids of Integrity is helping us realize we must learn to rejoice... Read more
August 24, 2010 |  by Krista

What do you think?

Now that we’ve gained a little experience using the Kids of Integrity materials, a few thoughts have been floating around in my head. I would love to hear if anyone else out there has been thinking... Read more
August 10, 2010 |  by Krista

Gains in gentleness

Inspired by one of the hands-on options on the Gentleness lesson, we went to the humane society (instead of a petting zoo). Our city has a beautiful facility where you can go into various rooms and... Read more