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Blog: Julie

January 6, 2011 |  by Julie

An update on KOI in Uganda

A couple months ago, we told you about a church in Edmonton, AB, that was planning to take Kids of Integrity to Uganda. Here’s an update from Shirley B., one of the team members who helped lead the... Read more
December 8, 2010 |  by Julie

Introducing the KOI Christmas lesson!

We’re excited to announce a new lesson just in time for Christmas! Laurel Kirchner, the original creator of Kids of Integrity, has written a special lesson to help you teach your children the true... Read more
October 19, 2010 |  by Julie

Kids of Integrity is headed to Uganda!

A few weeks ago, we heard about a church in Edmonton, Alberta, that is taking Kids of Integrity to Uganda! Shirley B., one of the team members from Northgate Baptist Church, shared with us how they... Read more
September 23, 2010 |  by Julie

Send us your photo submissions!

Have you taken any photos of your family trying out the Kids of Integrity lessons? Do you plan on trying out a lesson soon? We would love to see your pictures of Kids of Integrity in action! Send... Read more
September 2, 2010 |  by Julie

Announcing our summer challenge prize winners!

Drum roll, please . . . We’d like to congratulate our Kids of Integrity Challenge winners! On Friday, August 20, we drew names in front of the entire Focus on the Family Canada staff (there was... Read more
August 4, 2010 |  by Julie

Getting kids excited about lesson time

We recently received a great question from a Kids of Integrity mom on our Facebook page. She wanted to know if we could offer any suggestions on how to get kids excited about Bible study. (Because,... Read more
July 21, 2010 |  by Julie

The story behind the series

Have you heard the story behind Kids of Integrity? Laurel Kirchner and her husband, Jody, were busy raising their two boys, covering “the basics” with Bible stories, Sunday school and regular prayer... Read more
June 15, 2010 |  by Julie

Our families are ready to go!

We’re very excited to introduce you to our two Kids of Integrity families – the Bugg family and Krista's family! These two young families have agreed to take our special Kids of Integrity Challenge... Read more
June 11, 2010 |  by Julie

Are you on Facebook?

So not everyone is on Facebook these days (although it does kind of seem that way, doesn’t it?), but if you are on Facebook, check out our new Kids of Integrity page! Come say hello, or even share... Read more
May 25, 2010 |  by Julie

Welcome to the Kids of Integrity blog!

Hi, I’m Julie with Focus on the Family Canada. I’m so excited to introduce you to the brand-new Kids of Integrity blog! I’m a mom of an energetic toddler, and I know all too well how busy life can be... Read more