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 |  by Julie

JELL-O to the rescue

In my own defense (you know it’s not a good sign when someone starts off a conversation that way), I’ve never been very good in the kitchen . . . or in science . . . or with crafty projects of any kind. However, I tried. All for the sake of teaching my child how fun it can be to learn about patience. Sure, I kind of failed, but we made do. And I think Piper had fun nonetheless.

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 |  by Julie

The patience jar - and glitter, of course

“Piper,” I said to my daughter as I stooped down to eye level, “What does ‘patience’ mean?”

This was a test. I had no idea if my three year old had any concept of the word’s meaning, but before we started our first Kids of Integrity lesson (I chose Patience, perhaps an obvious choice for toddlers!), I wanted to gauge her understanding.

She looked at me and paused. Slowly she said, “Wait.”

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 |  by Julie

Jesus, to a three year old

Recently I was driving in the car with my three-year-old daughter, Piper, when my ears suddenly perked up. She was talking about God. At least, I thought she was.

“What did you say, Piper?” I prompted her.

“God made the sky!” she shouted from the backseat.

Wow. Had I heard her correctly? We talk about Jesus – especially during prayer or when singing, “Jesus loves Piper, this I know, for the Bible tells me so . . .” – but I hadn’t used the word “God” very often, thinking the concept might be a little beyond her comprehension.

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 |  by Julie

Celebrating Christ-like character at Christmas

There’s no doubt, this time of year can be busy, busy, busy! If you’re looking for simple ways to keep your children focused on the right priorities, here’s a special message from the creator of Kids of Integrity, along with a brief NEW lesson she put together specifically for Christmas.

A Christmas lesson from Laurel

 |  by Julie

To Halloween or not to Halloween?

Fall. What is it about this time of year that is so special? Maybe it’s the beautifully changing leaves, the crisp air or the return of cozy sweaters and footie pajamas for our little ones. Personally, I love the pumpkins. In fact, right now we have a trio of pumpkins sitting in our garage, just begging to be carved (or scribbled on with a marker by my two year old!). This week also has my mind on that familiar fall holiday, Halloween. How could I ignore it, considering most stores are brimming with costumes, candy, spiders and spooky decor?

 |  by Julie

Small steps from another busy mom

When I first read Krista’s post the other day about her struggle to maintain a regular quiet time with God, I found myself nodding in agreement. Before I became a mom, I had a regular devotional time that involved Bible study, prayer and journaling. Now that I’m mom to an energetic two year old who loves to have my full attention (as I type this, her little arms are hanging around my neck), it seems that my spiritual life has dried up.

 |  by Julie

Congratulations to our prize winners!

After receiving almost 5,000 entries, we’re very excited to announce the winners of our iPad 2 contest! The grand prize of a brand new iPad 2 goes to Callista M. from Fredericton, NB. Congratulations, Callista! We hope you and your family will enjoy your iPad 2.

The winners of our seven iPod shuffles are:

 |  by Julie

Coming up: our weekly draw!

If you haven’t already done so, don’t forget to sign up for our Kids of Integrity iPad 2 Contest! The winner of the iPad 2 will be randomly drawn on August 5, 2011, but we also have seven iPod shuffles we’ll be giving away soon. Each week, we’ll randomly draw one winner until all seven iPod shuffles are gone. So sign up today!

Also, don’t forget that, as a bonus for entering the contest, you’ll be offered the Adventures in Odyssey episode “Count It All Joy,” which you can download for free to enjoy with your kids.

 |  by Julie

Did you hear?

For some time now, our Kids of Integrity team has been plugging away at something big. We’ve received inquiries from parents wondering if we might someday add even more KOI lessons, and so, with the help of our gifted KOI writer and creator, Laurel Kirchner, we’re introducing four NEW lessons on Courage, Joy, Humility and Righteousness! These lessons are free, as always, and we hope you’ll be blessed by them.

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 |  by Julie

Faith-building ideas for infants and toddlers

Lately we’ve been hearing from parents who are interested in teaching faith to very young children. We love the fact that so many of you have a passion for pointing your kids to Christ at an early age! While the Kids of Integrity lessons are designed for children approximately three to 10 years old, we want to provide some helpful ideas to parents with younger children. We spoke with the original creator of Kids of Integrity, Laurel Kirchner, for her advice on this topic. Here’s what she said:

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