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 |  by Julie

Explaining the “evidence of things unseen”

In the past week, I’ve discovered three mistruths my daughter believes: she thinks outer space doesn’t exist; she believes her baby brother is made of play dough; and she thinks Jesus isn’t real.

 |  by Julie

A post-vacation readjustment

I don’t know if you’re like this with your kids, but when I’m on vacation, I tend to let the rules slide.

“What’s that? You want to stay up two hours past your bedtime to keep playing with your cousin? Well . . . okay.”

“I know you’re getting tired of being in the car. Here, watch another movie.”

“You want another one of Grandma’s cookies? Actually, I want one, too. Here you go.”

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 |  by Julie

Teaching the ugly, beautiful truth

“I want to live with Jesus,” my daughter recently said, and I was so pleased.

“You will someday!” Here’s my opportunity, I thought. “When we love Jesus and ask Him to live in our hearts and be our Saviour, we get to go live with Him in heaven when we die.”

I smiled at her expectantly, waiting for her face to crinkle into a grin.

Instead, she wailed, “But I don’t want to die!”

 |  by Julie

When your child feels rejected by a friend

I thought my heart was going to burst right open.

Piper was telling me about her best little friend at preschool. Oh, how she loves her buddy Amelia! As soon as Piper walks through the doors, her eyes scan the room for her beloved friend and, hand-in-hand, they bounce off to whatever preschool adventures await them that day.

But apparently there was some drama happening. Or so my daughter was trying to tell me.

“Amelia’s mad at me, Mommy.”

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 |  by Julie

An Easter-time craft for our good-nap day

It had been five days since the baby had taken a good nap. Five days. I thought I was going to lose my mind.

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 |  by Julie

Back to work

I was rather alarmed when I recently looked back at my last Kids of Integrity blog post. That was back in August of last year! Wow, time has flown by. I can assure you, however, that I have a good excuse.

 |  by Julie

New year, new look

Happy New Year from the team at Kids of Integrity! We hope you had a blessed Christmas season with your family.

You might have noticed that things have been a little slow here on the KOI blog and Facebook page. Our team has been hard at work on some big changes, and with the new year kicking off, we’re excited to introduce a brand new look for our Kids of Integrity website!

 |  by Julie

Why I need other parents

I need to say thank you to my fellow Kids of Integrity parents. The last time I posted, I was struggling to understand why my toddler didn’t seem to be responding to the Obedience lesson as well as I had hoped. I posed the question Is punishment more effective than reward when it comes to obedience? I received so many helpful and encouraging comments on Facebook and the KOI blog – comments that truly made me reconsider how I had been approaching this concept.

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 |  by Julie

The elusive pursuit of obedience

Okay, I’ll admit it – I’ve been somewhat reluctant to write an update on our recent foray into the Obedience lesson for one very big reason . . . it’s not going so well.

There. I said it. Let the parental guilt unfurl.

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 |  by Julie

Why we obey

I’ve been impressed with how well Piper responded to our first Kids of Integrity lesson on Patience. Since she’s so young, I was worried that it wouldn’t sink in very well, but I’ve been pleasantly surprised. Knowing that her attention span is pretty short, I decided it’s probably time to move on to our next lesson.

Scanning through the various KOI lessons, I was having a hard time deciding which character trait to focus on next. They’re all so important! But the answer came to me in one of those not-so-graceful parenting moments.

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